Wednesday, 12 December 2012, 7:30pm - 9:00pm

Alan Wray, retired ex-BTM, ICT, ICL, now Fujitsu.

The breaking of Enigma was critical to the outcome of WW2. Alan’s talk will cover the development, adoption and operation of the Enigma; the outstanding contribution of the Polish Cipher Bureau; the basic design and operation of the Bombe and how it fitted into the overall breaking of Enigma at Bletchley Park. He will cover key dates and players in this fascinating story and include a little about the Bombe Rebuild, now complete and working at Bletchley Park.

Alan Wray spent much of his working life in various managerial roles in BTM, ICT, ICL (now Fujitsu). In his retirement he was a volunteer on the Bombe rebuild. He made all the electrical coils and non-inductive resistors, helped with relay assembly, commissioning and testing and occasionally fielded inquisitive visitors.

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