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Monday, 28 September 2020, 7:00pm

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Coronavirus (COVID-19)

The BCS has agreed that all of its outlets will cease to hold physical events until January 2021 at the earliest. To ensure that we continue to serve our members, we have been working to migrate our events programme into an on-line format. We have an ambitious 2020 – 2021 programme year ahead and hope that you will continue to join us at our events in their new medium.

    ~ Peter Klein, Chair, BCS Hertfordshire


BCS Hertfordshire serves the approximately 1400 members of the British Compute Society located in and around Hertfordshire.

Our main responsibilities are to provide local representation for our membership within the BCS and its policy groups while promoting the mission and objectives of the society to our members and the wider public in our area.

Our main activities revolve around the annual programme year, which commences in October every year. Our events season involves a mix of lectures, visits, hands-on activities and social events that are designed to support the networking and professional development of our members.

Most of our events are free, regardless of whether you are a member of the BCS or not. If you have an interest in IT, Computing or the discipline of Computer Science, we look forward to seeing you at our events.


We need your help!

Please help to support BCS Hertfordshire by joining our social media channels. At the current time, we are working to grow all of our social media offerings. We are especially keen to encourage all members to subscribe to the BCS Hertfordshire YouTube Channel.Without your subscriptions to our channel, we cannot grow the channel as we are unable to unlock features that are only available at higher subscriber counts!

Subscribing on YouTube the process of adding BCS Hertfordshire to your interested topic list. Subscribing to BCS Hertfordshire content is (and will always be) completely free to everyone, whether a member or non-member of the BCS.

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