The committee of BCS Hertfordshire is composed of volunteer BCS members from our local community.

The committee is funded by an annual grant made from the central BCS organisation which in turn is allocated based upon an annual funding bid by the committee. The size of the grant is factored against the size of the local BCS membership who have self-identified as being affiliated with BCS Hertfordshire. Spending from the grant is proposed and final decisions agreed by the committee of BCS Hertfordshire. Spending usually falls under the categories of running the events programme, public awareness and outreach as well as the operational expenses of the committee.

The committee has a number of functional roles, including Chair, Treasurer and Secretary, who provide specific functions to and on behalf of the wider BCS organisation. Other committee members fulfil the roles of Membership Secretary, Email co-ordinator, Webmaster and Publicity Officer.

BCS Members do not have direct voting rights within the committee, nor any specific control over its activities but the committee always welcomes the thoughts, ideas and input of members. All BCS Members who have a registered affiliation with BCS Hertfordshire do however have an annual opportunity to make changes to the persons, structure and running of the committee. This occurs at the Annual General Meeting (AGM). BCS Hertfordshire holds its AGM during the month of September.

Note: For more information on how a BCS member can register their association with BCS Hertfordshire please see How to sign-up with BCS Hertfordshire.

Committee Meetings

BCS Hertfordshire holds a committee meeting approximately once every two months. This period may be adjusted depending on the pending needs of the events programme. Committee meetings are usually held physically, however phone or video conferencing attendance is permitted where this is not possible.

Committee meetings generally last for about two hours and usually start at 7pm on a weekday.

Appointments & Tenure

All committee members are elected to represent the membership for 1 year or until the next AGM if co-opted into the committee mid-year. Their re-appointment is approved if there are no challenges from the membership at the AGM or, if there are, that they win a reappointment vote.

BCS Hertfordshire also requires committee members to adhere to an attendance policy. Any committee member who fails to attend three consecutive committee meetings may be subject to immediate removal from the committee following a vote of their peers.

Any BCS member who has associated with BCS Hertfordshire may stand for appointment to the committee, provided that their nomination is received one week prior to the AGM. Similarly, any associated BCS member may stand for any office or role of the committee provided that their interest is recorded one week prior to the AGM. If more than one member stands for the same office or role. A vote of the membership present at the AGM will be called during the AGM.

Any existing Office Bearer of the committee that wishes to stand for re-appointment must receive the backing of at least two other members of the committee to be eligible to stand and, if challenged, pass a vote of the membership at the AGM.

Offices and function of BCS Hertfordshire

The following list identifies the roles present on the committee of BCS Hertfordshire

  • Chairman
  • Secretary
  • Treasurer
  • Membership Secretary
  • Inclusion & Disability Officer
  • Webmaster

View: A list of the committee members for BCS Hertfordshire

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