If you are able to join the BCS and become a member, we encourage you to do so. However, if you are unable to join the BCS as a member or you are just looking to see what the BCS can offer. We would very much like to welcome you to participate in our events.

A a non-member it is still possible for you to participate in most of our annual events. There are however some exceptions which will be clearly indicated on the BCS Hertfordshire events programme should there be any specific restrictions for a particular event.

As a non-member it is not possible for you to

  • Hold an office in BCS Hertfordshire
  • Participate in voting or nomination activities
  • Participate in the Annual General Meeting (AGM) – although you can usually attend the annual BCS Hertfordshire visit that occurs after the AGM has concluded
  • Join our membership mailing lists

As a non-member, the best way to keep appraised of the latest news, events and activities going on in BCS Hertfordshire is to subscribe to our social media accounts.

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The BCS Hertfordshire website also should be your main source for the latest news and the annual publication of the new programme card in the first half of September.

Last updated 19th September, 2020 at 8:37am