BCS Hertfordshire is the regional chapter of the British Computing Society (BCS). We serve the approximately 1400 members of the British Computer Society located in and around Hertfordshire, as well as parts of Bedfordshire, Buckinghamshire and North London.

Our main responsibilities are to provide local representation for our membership within the BCS and its policy groups while promoting the mission and objectives of the society to our members and the wider public in our area.

Our main activities revolve around the annual programme, which commences in October each year. Our events season involves a mix of lectures, visits, hands-on activities and social events that are designed to support the networking and professional development of our members.

Most of our events are free, regardless of whether you are a member of the BCS or not. If you have an interest in IT, Computing or the discipline of Computer Science, we look forward to seeing you at our events.

Our History

The current committee of BCS Hertfordshire does not know the details of the history of the branch. If you know of any information that can help us piece our history together, please get in touch with us.

We believe that the branch may have originally comprised of more than one sub-chapters within Hertfordshire. We have documentary evidence of the operations of the BCS West Hertfordshire Branch operating in and around Hemel Hempstead as early as 1982. With the first known reference to the branch being referred to as BCS Hertfordshire appearing in a known format around 1995 and the name formally changed to BCS Hertfordshire in 2004.

Several of our legacy programmes can be downloaded on our Past Events page.

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