If you are interested in joining the committee and in contributing towards how the BCS engages with out local community, we would love to hear from you.

There are only two requirements for someone to be considered to join the committee

  1. You must be a formally subscribed and paid-up member of the BCS (we will require your BCS Membership Number in order to join)
  2. You must be keen and enthusiastic about getting involved in our activities

It is important that the committee sees new members who can bring new ways of thinking, ideas and skills to the team. You can approach the committee about joining at any time. You won’t be able to formally become part of the committee until the AGM, however in most cases the Chairman can co-opt interested parties onto the committee in the interim.

Time commitments

Every member of the committee of BCS Hertfordshire is an unpaid volunteer and as such it is always understood that real life and family are from time to time going to interfere with your commitment to the BCS. This is why we try and keep a broad number of members on the committee and try and share out responsibilities. The following offers an illustrative overview of the time commitments required by any member of the committee

  • Attending committee meetings: 2 hours approximately every 8 weeks
  • Attending events to help setup, host, run and clear-up: 3 hours a month
  • Other collaborative activities (usually only via online communication): 4 hours a month
  • Other individually focused activities conducting work for the committee: 4 hours a month
  • If you become a formal office bearer: The BCS holds day/half-day activities and training at its London headquarters once or twice per-year for the benefit of some of the formal office bearers of its committees

Expenses & Remuneration

If conducting approved work for and on behalf of the committee, limited discretionary expenses for travel and sundry activities can be approved by the Treasurer and Chairman of BCS Hertfordshire. It is not possible to offer compensation in-lieu of time to any committee member for any activity undertaken on behalf of the committee.

Current openings

At the current time, the committee of BCS Hertfordshire are looking for enthusiastic individual(s) to help to support us with the following specific roles

  • Schools and Further Education liaison within our area
  • Disability coordination

We are also always keen to hear from parties who can bring new ideas, fresh thinking and speakers, so don’t worry if we have not mentioned a role that would suit you above!


To apply to join the committee either contact the Chairman of BCS Hertfordshire via email or approach any member of the committee at one of our events.

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Last updated 22nd November, 2023 at 12:23pm