If you would like to contact BCS Hertfordshire, please get in touch using the information below.

Contacting BCS Hertfordshire

For all general enquiries relating to BCS Hertfordshire, our events or activities or if you are interested in becoming a speaker with us. Please contact the Secretary of BCS Hertfordshire.


If you experience a problem with the BCS Hertfordshire website or would like to make any suggestions relating to our website or online presence (including social media). Please contact the BCS Hertfordshire Webmaster.


If you have any complaints or are interested in joining the Committee of BCS Hertfordshire. Please contact the Chairman of BCS Hertfordshire.


If you have any issues with the BCS Hertfordshire website or have any questions or feedback on our online presence or social media.


Checking if you are a member of BCS Hertfordshire

If you are looking to check whether you are associated as a member of BCS Hertfordshire. Please view our guide on updating your membership association.

View: How to sign-up with BCS Hertfordshire

Contact the BCS

For all enquiries relating to membership of the BCS and for all General Enquiries relating to the BCS nationally and internationally. Please contact the BCS Customer Service Team.

View: BCS Customer Services Contact

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