Tuesday, 5 December 2023, 7:00pm - 8:30pm

The Large Language Models are a rapidly growing field that is shaping the future of machine learning. In this event, you will learn about the latest developments in the LLM community, including the big players, relevant libraries and frameworks, and available models. You will also learn about the requirements for building a model and the different ways models are being used. Additionally, you will explore the limitations of LLMs and the opportunities available due to their growth. 

During the event, you will also be given the opportunity to engage in a hands-on lab where you can browse inventories of available models, analyse models, and pick one suitable for specific use cases. You will also learn how to check the details and requirements of the model and use LLM APIs in software. By the end of the event, you will have a good understanding of the LLM community and the skills to build and use LLMs in your own projects.

Richard Simon, Chief Technology Officer, T-Systems International

Richard is a Cloud Native and Open-Source advocate with over 33 years of IT industry experience.  He has been working in various roles related to Cloud Computing, over the past 13 years.

He is a highly structured, respected, and accomplished IT professional who’s accumulated a vast set of experiences in roles such as Systems Engineer, Field Engineer, Cloud Architect, Consulting Architect and Principal Consultant.

He has worked for a number of prestigious IT vendors and service providers, such as IBM, SUSE, Mirantis, Heptio, World Wide Technology, Contino and T-Systems.

Richard runs the YouTube channel, Cloud Therapist, and enjoys challenging his audience with thought-provoking concepts, as well as during his public speaking engagements at various conferences and webinars.

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