Tuesday, 16 February 2021, 7:00pm - 8:00pm

Join Ken Munro from Pen Test Partners for an exploration of the risks (and horrors) of the 21st century IoT world.

Drawing on his long and established career, Ken will dive into his experience with the transport industry and the weaknesses prevalent in our every day lives through the possible (and active) exploitation of planes, trains, auto-mobiles and even shipping in discussing:

  • The business risks of IoT
  • How to spot the weakness in devices and choose products carefully in order to reduce risk
  • The most recent IoT horror stories and how to add IoT devices safely
  • Developing a solid mitigation plans for your business

Ken makes frequent appearances on UK TV as voice of authority on IoT security. Speaker at Black Hat, Defcon, BSides, OWASP and many other events. His security research is published extensively in international tech press, including Wired, BBC, Forbes etc. He has strong links to ISACs, notably auto, aviation & water and is often asked to brief members on numerous occasions around our research. He also assisted with organising DEF CON Aviation Village, also DEF CON Maritime Village.


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