Wednesday, 23 June 2004, 7:00pm - 8:30pm

The Ashridge Business School (now known just as Ashridge), is ranked by the Financial Times as this country’s second best business school.

This is a rare opportunity to visit this historic house, and hear Martin Lockett speak on his specialist subjects intertwining management science, economics etc. with examples where relevant taken from the field of computing. The house itself was the seat of the Duke of Bridgewater (of canal fame) and has an interesting history before and after that time. After the talk there will be a tour of the Learning Centre, and IT Department, followed by a tour round the more historic parts of the house, such as the deep well and Landseer painting.



Dr Martin Lockett, Director of Business Development, Ashridge

Projects involving IT are the biggest investments made by most organisations today. Yet most businesses are disappointed by what they see as low returns on their investment in these technology-enabled projects.

Doing IT Right focuses on the two dimensions behind getting real value from investments in technology:
“Doing projects right” – successful projects enabled by IT
“Doing the right projects” – managing an organisation’s portfolio of projects.

Research on successful technology-enabled projects in a major UK company will be presented, as well as research just completed on Project Portfolio Management in UK organisations. Combining these two will give a picture of how to increase significantly the return on investment in IT – by doing the right projects, organising for innovative exploitation of IT and eliminating value-destroying activity. A key conclusion is that people and organisational factors matter more than technology!

The speaker, Martin Lockett, has 30 years of experience of linking technology and business – in education, consulting and executive roles, including Managing Director of Sapient Ltd (then rated as the world’s #1 e-business integrator) and as a consultant to many leading organisations. He is now Director of Business Development at Ashridge, “a business school for the real world”, that develops both managers and organisations.


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