Thursday, 25 March 2004, 8:00pm - 9:30pm

Mark Tudor – Solicitor

We have all witnessed the recent publicity surrounding the use of the Data Protection Act. Vital data has been expunged from files, by over-zealous people, anxious not to be caught out apparently contravening the provisions of the Act. The result of these actions has had serious consequences, and a better understanding of the legislation is absolutely necessary.

In this presentation, Mark will outline the law of Data Protection, including Notification and the methodology used in Data Protection audit. He will also cover the impact of the legislation on websites, including the consequences of breaching these laws. The focus will be very much on how to process data “fairly and lawfully” and the obligation to keep stored data secure.

There has also been much talk recently on laws introduced to regulate spam e-mail and website cookies. Mark will address these, and discuss their effectiveness.


Matthew, Arnold and Baldwin


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